I looked at President Obama’s turkey pardoning moment. It was all over social media (I get all my news from Facebook), and there stood his two daughters, looking totally mortified by their dad. Typical.

I have some advice for parents that I have learned as the mother of two now adult daughters. Try not to be hurt by all the eye rolling. You are naturally the target of most of it during your kids’ teenage years. You deserve it then, because you are embarrassing, nerdy, preachy, stupid, pompous, and totally unaware of what is important when your children are teens.

I know this, because my mother was acutely horrifying when I was in high school. She insisted on wearing pedal pushers. My God! And she wore tube tops. I didn’t know then that she was really a visionary, who foresaw that capri pants and tubes would blossom into fashion twenty some years later. I just felt like dying to be seen with this woman who went out wearing stupid pants and a top with no bra underneath.

I also know this because my father insisted on ordering wine with dinner at restaurants, and I found the whole tasting ritual to be ridiculous. It was presumptuous and kind of show-offy, I thought. And the sniffing and swirling the stuff around in the glass first? OMG. Of course, now everybody does this.

But we need to give the teens a break. They are going through that stage of life in which their own confidence is nonexistent, and so they feel they walk on thin ice every single minute, just waiting for somebody to notice that they aren’t cool, and boom—they fall right through the ice. I still remember searching every store for just the right pair of loafers, because the ones my mom wanted to get me were not at all the right brand. And if I wore them to school I would be immediately thrust into the nerd herd.

So if my father were the leader of the free world, but still insisted on pardoning a turkey? O M G. It would be the worst. And being forced to stand right beside him while he did it? Agony.

Things do even out. The kids get older. As a matter of fact, they become just like you. And they give you credit. For most things. Not the turkey pardoning, though. Because for one thing, turkeys aren’t criminals. Right? Sheesh.

I wonder if Michelle Obama wears tube tops.





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