Creative people who are clever somehow manage to turn their creative pursuits into cash. I am a creative person. I like to think I am sort of an “artist,” although I would never go chin-to-chin with, say, Jamie Wyeth or anything. But these days, all sorts of folks are turning their hobbies into dollars, and so I want to do that, too.

It’s not enough to write books. No. On the days when I just can’t face another chapter, I draw. Some of those are really good *she chirps, confidently.* So, I opened an internet shop. This was some time ago. While trying to update that shop, I had no luck. So yesterday, I spent five hours creating a new internet shop.

Let me tell you that when you are using a site that lets you create a shop for free, you have to do all the work yourself. This includes getting verified as a “seller,” inputting your bank account routing number (that took me twenty minutes to figure out in itself), and creating a “profile.” That took up the first hour.

Pixels? I have no idea. My artwork has to be at least 6000 of them. It took me another hour to discover that most of my drawings are in the 1500 pixel range, and thus not qualified for use. Experimenting with 100 of my drawings later, I found a few that would work.

Uploading. That was a trial. Tags? Another ten minutes on Google. Markup? Who knew?

What started as a lark ended up taking me an entire day, the F word, two chats with customer service, and a burgeoning headache, but I can now announce the opening of MOLLY’S LITTLE SHOP on Society6! https://society6.com/mollydcampbell!

It is not lost on me that I just spent an entire day creating an online store in which I will most likely be the only customer. 🙁 But I am sure I will just love my new iPhone case!

Perhaps you would like to stop in and give it a whirl…

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