It’s  making many of us sick. The lies. The mudslinging. The scandals. Many of us are so anxious about the outcome of the election that we are having anxiety attacks, nightmares, indigestion, and worse. I am one of those people. So here are some of the things I am doing to try to survive until afterwards.

I am eating a lot of chocolate.

I continually ask my husband if my chosen candidate will indeed win the election. He replies in the affirmative. This makes me feel better, but I think he is beginning to get migraines.

I spend a lot of time petting the cats and hugging the dog.

I am eating a lot of chocolate.


I hear keeping busy helps. So I have a “to-do” list as long as my arm. Just curating the list keeps me busy–I haven’t actually started to do anything.

Yoga. I don’t do it, but it looks good on this list.

Binge watching Poldark helps quite a bit. Aidan Turner. Women know what I mean by this.

The chocolate.

The Xanax.

Social media, where unfriending supporters of the opposing candidate gives quite a bit of satisfaction.

When this is all over, I will either be cheering our first female President, or having a nervous breakdown. Stay tuned.

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