“I just want Christmas!” That is what their teacher reported that they begged,as they sat barricaded in the bathroom. Small and frightened, they wished for what was a beacon in their small lives: Mommy, Santa, family, safety and happiness.

Those who maintain the right for as many of us as possible to have and bear firearms argue that it isn’t guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people. Such an ignorant and irrational position. And the argument rages on, despite the little bodies arrayed in blood in those formerly cheerful classrooms. Blood among the alphabet posters, multiplication tables, spelling words, and pictures of kittens.

When guns invade the sanctum of innocents, there is no argument. Freedom to “proudly” own guns becomes mere dust in the mouths of those who still shout it out, in some Neanderthal logic that only serves as proof of their loss of real humanity.

Children died today, begging for Christmas. And I despair for those who state that they are “proud” to own, conceal, and carry murder weapons. May God forgive them their stupidity.

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