I have had a Crockpot forever. Funny, when I was a working mom, I almost never used it. Everything was boiled. Boiled food.

When we moved into the apartment, I left the Crockpot behind. But right before the estate sale, I did a final walk-through of the house and had a change of heart. I grabbed the Crockpot and put it in the backseat. “I might use it sometime,” I thought.

I use it a lot now. The irony is that I am not one bit busy these days. My husband cooks three meals a week, and I cook three. We order out one day. My favorite day. Anyway, since I am SO not busy, I could pick a recipe that requires tons of prep work, and you know–sauteeing, stirring, and measuring. All those things.

I would rather not do all those things. I did them for all those years I was the sole meal provider. So now, I haul out that Crockpot and throw stuff in it and walk away. Do the dinners still taste boiled? Well, yes they do. However, I have learned to embrace the boil. Chili in the Crockpot is just fine. Black bean soup. Spaghetti sauce. Hey, if you put a chicken in there with some garlic salt and leave it alone, later on you can take out the chicken, shred it up, and add barbecue sauce. Put it on buns. Bake some frozen french fries. DONE.

Today, I put three cans of white kidney beans, some onion, carrot, rosemary and broth in the pot. Then I put three bone-in pieces of chicken. I got this recipe on the internet. It says it is “Tuscan.” Hey, that sounds both chic and hearty, if you catch my drift. I have some frozen hard rolls to heat up to have with it. Easy peasy.

So. I have the rest of the day open. Do I clean something? Binge something? Read something? Write something?

Oh, there is a bit of news. I begin my fourth novel next month, as soon as contract is signed with my publisher. Maybe then I will be busy enough to NEED the crockpot.


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