The end of the summer, when the cicadas (not those 17 year awful ones, thank God) hum in the trees,  the humidity just wrings one OUT, and it’s almost back-to-school time, dinner is at its best. Farm to table season!, At our house, that means corn on the cob.

It means corn on the cob to ME. Because for some very odd reason, nobody else in my entire family is as enthusiastic about corn as I am. As a matter of fact, I am not sure that anybody I know is as enthusiastic about corn as I am. I could eat six ears easily in one sitting. The rest of the world’s populace seems to think that one ear is plenty.

Is it because corn on the cob is messy? Is it because it lodges in the teeth? Is it too much fiber for the average intestinal tract? Maybe people who don’t love corn cook it to death. I bring water to a boil, add some ears, and set the timer for FIVE MINUTES. No more, no less. Cover it row by row with butter and salt. Perfection.

Roasted corn is good. I hear steamed corn is good. But I just stick to the tried and true.

Add a few sliced tomatoes, maybe some cottage cheese sprinkled with fresh chopped dill, and you are good to go.

Maybe people who don’t love corn get it at the grocery store, where it has probably sat in sacks in the stockroom for too long. Corn has to be FRESH. Go to a farm stand. Or better yet, pick it yourself. I remember when my mother used to go to a place and do this. Or maybe they went out and picked it right then for her. Or perhaps I am  just imagining this. The point is, corn has to be eaten the same day it’s picked.

I have learned one thing, however. When eating corn, wear an old shirt or an apron, because the butter is bound to run down your chin onto your front.

Bon appetit!

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