Cat people are clannish. By this, I mean that for most of them, one cat is not enough. Instead, there must be enough cats in the household to make up a small tribe or clan. In our case, there is one Siamese named “Pliers,” one Bengal named “Salami,” one snooty little Burmese named “Acorn,” and two rescue felines, “Keeper” and “McIntosh,” who have never quite understood why purebred cats feel that they deserve things like room service and exclusive rights to certain cat beds. The clan of the Campbell cats is headed up by Pliers, who runs the household with a small but mighty paw.

I also own a dog. I love her. She and I have learned that we must cater to the cats at all times. Some days, the dog and I feel a bit outnumbered, and we retreat to the couch, where we huddle together and watch HBO.

I also have a husband.