When I told my husband I had been asked to write an article about bullying, he was naturally confused. “You are writing about BOWLING? But you don’t know anything about bowling! 

“No! I am writing about BULLYING.”

“Really? What is the theme?” 

“What are you talking about? You think there are pros and cons to bullying?” 

“Well, I suppose that there is a positive side to it. If you were to ask a bully.” 

“You want me to interview a bully and find out why he/she thinks it is a good thing to brutalize others?” 

“Well, I am sure that most bullies like what they do.” 

“Good grief, and you think that we need to give bullies a VOICE?” 

“Well, for instance, I wonder if bullies feel the need to keep their weight up. You know, so that they can be more dominant.” 

“Wait—you think there is a link to bullying and obesity? This is nuts. YOU are nuts.” 

“But has anyone ever thought of things from the bully’s point of view?” 

“Let me get this straight. You, a 90 pound weakling, who has probably had your share of bullying in the past, want me to go out and find a bully to interview, in order to get his side of the story?” 

“Well, that would be an interesting read.” 

“No one wants to sympathize with a bully. Everyone wants to stop them!” 

“Well, perhaps if you interviewed some bullies, you would be able to find out why they do it, and then convince them to stop.”

Ok, now you want ME to save the world from the bullies by TALKING to them?” 

“Well, yeah. That might work.” 

So here is the thing about bowling: there is an alley, a bunch of pins, and a big, heavy ball…

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