This is the back cover of my newest novel, THE WORLD CAME TO US. I am so excited, because it is now available for preorder on Kindle. The physical book releases October 22! This was two years in the making, and I am thrilled that it is coming out so soon. If you are a Kindle reader, please place you order now. That is so helpful in boosting the book’s profile on Amazon. And of course, after you read it, I would so appreciate an Amazon review.

I am working on novel four. I leave for New York on September 15, to spend two weeks writing and living alone in Chelsea. I am so involved here in Dayton with trying to sell my house, clearing out attic, cupboards, and closets, that I can’t focus on writing. This trip will be a Godsend.

Wish me luck with the new book, and please read this one. If I could, I would hug every single one of you!

Thank you!

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