The plots get mixed up in my head, because I start another book as soon as I finish one. I forget the titles. So I have started to keep a list of books I have loved. We all need diversion AGAIN, from the events in the world. So here is another reading list from me to you.

  • Lottery, by Patricia Wood. I loved this book. I won’t ruin it by saying any more about it. Just go ahead and read it.
  • Still Waters, by Viveca Sten. I have mentioned previously that whenever I take a walk in nature, I am afraid I will find a body. This book is about that.
  • The Lincoln Highway, by Amor Towles. I love books about interesting characters. I love books about good people. This book has all of that.
  • Do Not Say We Have Nothing, by Madeleine Thien. A finalist for the Man Booker Prize, this novel  is about a daughter’s attempts to understand her fractured family, especially her musician father. China, America, life in both contrasting cultures.
  • The Green Road, by Anne Enright. A smotheringly dramatic mother. Four siblings. An Irish family. This is a brilliant read.
  • Swimming Back to Trout River, by Linda Rui Feng. Another fantastic novel about a Chinese family, and music is again present.
  • Everything I Have is Yours, by Eleanor Henderson. This is a heartbreaking memoir about marriage, illness, and hanging on for sheer love.
  • Small Things Like These, by Claire Keegan. I again can’t tell you much about this without ruining it. But when a “regular person” makes a life changing decision, the world can shift.
  • Ghosts, by Dolly Alderton. A refreshing chick lit diversion. Not heavy, fun, and an easy read. I loved taking a break from heaviness reading this.
  • The Final Case, by David Guterson. A child dies, cold and alone, just outside the door of her adoptive parents’ home. They are charged with her murder. Guterson is a master of his art, and this book is not a disappointment.
  • Between Two Kingdoms, by Suleika Jaouad. A promising young life. Cancer. This memoir about it all is searing, hopeful, and lovely. There is also a dog.

I try not to tell you too much about these books, so that you can discover them for yourself, as I did. But I don’t add a book to my lists that I haven’t found to be completely worth my time as a reader. I hope you pick up a few of these and enjoy them as much as I did.



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