We are in a pandemic, the POTUS is attempting a coup, and next week is Thanksgiving.

We are all swirling around inside our own heads, wondering what to do, how to cope, and when this nightmare will be over.

The CDC has strongly urged all of us to avoid travel, to most certainly not go over to anybody’s house to have the meal, and to wear our masks and stay home, for GOD’S SAKE.

My husband and I are obeying. I think the majority of Americans are. We are desperately trying to keep the virus at bay while at the same time watching the news and tearing our hair out about the political situation. By this point, both Republicans and Democrats (except for the GOP in Congress) are becoming alarmed at what is going on in the highest levels of government. Is it a coup? A crazed, egomaniac pushing this democracy to the limits? And what about all those other things we are supposed to be worrying about as well–climate change, police brutality, racism, separating children at the border, when there will be a vaccine and who will get it, etc.?

Back to next week. We are staying home, just the two of us, and we are having a little dinner. We hope to ZOOM with our family.

It will be okay. We will get through this. Along with just about every other family in America who will be having turkey breast instead of the whole bird.

I have a new torment. I can’t stop thinking about it.  What are they going to do with all the big turkeys? They are dead already, aren’t they? Or if the turkey producers saw all of this coming and didn’t slaughter them, will there be a turkey revolution? Will they be pecking at our doors, demanding to come in and reckon with us? There must be millions of them out there. Thank God I live on the fifth floor. They won’t be able to get at us up here. But we will hear all that gobbling…

If COVID doesn’t get us, the turkeys will be waiting.


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