My husband (yes, the one who took a phone call from the front row at my book launch, loudly) watched me sigh loudly and open my laptop.

HIM:  Blogging?

ME:  Sort of.

HIM: What do you mean, sort of?

ME:  I have nothing to say. I have said it all. My mind is blank.

HIM:  You could write about being a grandmother.

ME:  Done it.

HIM:  Marriage?

ME:  A million times. Accordions, accordions, accordions.

HIM:  Recipes?

ME:  Are you kidding?

HIM:  Donald Trump?

ME:  Nobody wants to read about that. We are wallowing in politics, and my back is all seized up thinking about that stuff.

HIM:  Have you tried the heating pad?

ME:  Leaning on it right now.

HIM:  Cats?

ME:  Yup.

HIM:  Time to shut down the blog?

ME:  I might have to. Good grief.

HIM:  Have you tried being poetic?

The roses are still red, and the violets are still blue

I am taking a week 

To think of something new.

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