I  am so excited to announce the release date of my next novel, CROSSING THE STREET. It comes out on May 9, 2017. It is the story of a disillusioned writer, her hum-drum life, the eight-year-old girl who becomes her best friend, and their eventful summer together. It has a bitchy sister, a boring boyfriend, a missing cat, and a surprise ending. I hope you will want to run right out and grab one.

So many of my friends have asked me why it took me two years to write the thing. I think most people who read books but don’t write them think “Ok, a writer has an idea. So they (note the use of the new pronoun-he/she is old news) sit down at their computer or grab a legal pad, and start writing. That shouldn’t take long. Maybe a couple of months. What is the big deal about this?”

It is not that simple. First of all, there is the issue of PLOT. Even those well organized authors who spend weeks with post-it notes, special software, white boards or index cards know how absolutely horrible plot lines are. They meander off when the writer least expects it. They start out with a bang and then fizzle out. Characters that were supposed to be “walk-ons” insist on taking over. Nothing goes as planned.

Then, there is the person who actually runs the show: the editor. Editors are those incredibly savvy folks who read one’s manuscript (the one you think you finally got RIGHT) and send it back to you, saying stuff like “This isn’t deep enough.” Or “This character doesn’t ring true, and it seems as if you shoe-horned him in. He doesn’t fit.” Or worse, “I don’t think this story line is working out for you. I think you should remove it.”

I got many comments like that. So I revised. I revised again. And yet again. Meanwhile, my friends said, “Why do you have to keep rewriting it?” I tried to explain. The response was frequently “Can’t you just get another editor?”

Here’s the thing. Every single book worth reading out there has been ripped apart by a talented editor and rewritten by the author. Probably multiple times. Editors don’t get the credit they deserve. I bet many avid readers don’t even realize that the books they are staying up all night to finish have been scrutinized and analyzed by an astute editor multiple times. Hair has been torn out. Expletives have been hurled at the text. Chapters and entire story lines have been deleted. It’s not for the egotistical. Any writer who resists being edited is probably a hack.

So I am thrilled beyond belief that after multiple rewrites, many sleepless nights, and more than one goddamn it, my book is nearing the finish line. All that remains is writing the acknowledgements. This is my reward! That, and typing THE END.


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