• Is chili powder still spicy if the expiration date is 2013?
  • Can you still buy Geritol?
  • Why do people in crime shows always take walks alone in the woods?
  • When will the pandemic be over?
  • Why do book clubs spend almost no time discussing books?
  • Why did banana bread get so popular during the pandemic? Why didn’t cinnamon toast top the list?
  • Do all husbands have one “stock joke” that they tell at every single opportunity?
  • If you are over 65, is a potbelly acceptable?
  • At what age should a woman with very dark hair give up the L’Oreal boxes and just go gray?
  • Do all men ask the waitress where she goes to school?
  • Can you use hand sanitizer for anything else?
  • Why is season three of any tv series always a total letdown?
  • Why do people think salmon tastes good?
  • Do you remember the first Frito you ever tasted?
  • Can you give leftover Halloween candy as Christmas gifts?
  • How many chucks CAN a woodchuck chuck?
  • Is there anybody out there who actually believes that we need eight glasses of water a day?
  • How many questions are too many questions?
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