You know what makes a real artist? You know, the kind that people remember for years and years after that artist has died? Is it the body of work? The talent? Well, yes. But here is the thing that you really need to do if you want to be a true artist: you have to live outside the boundaries.

We bloggers are a pretty wholesome bunch. We write about our kids, recipes, housekeeping, and if we really feel racy, hot flashes or twerking. Think about it: will any reader in a hundred years even care about twerking? As a matter of fact, they probably don’t care about it right now.

But true artists? They are remembered for their searing talent, yes. But let’s face it: we read biographies and watch movies about them because they lived outrageous lives. They did things a hundred years ago that most of us would be scared to try today.

In order to be a great artist, you have to explore all human emotions. This means doing stuff like having tons of affairs, with both sexes apparently. You have to take drugs and hallucinate, and then write poems. You have to wear outrageous clothing or dress like the opposite sex. Or, you have to be a nudist.

Artists have obsessions. They only eat fruit. Or they go out into the woods and commune with nature in huts. They refuse to start their days without transcendental meditation. Or they become raging alcoholics. They take hallucinogenic drugs, with Peruvian natives or mystics in the mountains of Nepal. They have lions as pets. Or they fly their own planes.

Artists travel the world. They bump elbows with Kings. Or queens (see affairs, above). They make offhand remarks that become household expressions, such as “Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

True artists seem to live life at the extreme edges. They take huge risks, so that the rest of us don’t have to. But sometimes, I feel that due to my very conventional life path, I will never achieve anything even close to real art in my writing career.

But wait a minute. I just had a revelation. My blog? It reveals the ins and outs of my conventional life. It is mundane. It reveals the gamut of human experience from A to B. There are some people who might find this illuminating–people who would find my life absolutely fascinating and hard to understand. There are people who might obsess about my blog!

By God, there is an audience for this! ARTISTS.

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