It all started with a little art app on my phone. I began to doodle around. It was fun, and I enjoyed posting my pictures on Facebook. My friends liked them, and before long, folks started  slinging around the word “artist” in relation to me. Pffft.

But then a few asked me if I could turn my drawings into note cards and things. For sale. Since my next novel is now with the copy editor, I have time on my hands until closer to publication. So, what the heck, I opened a little online shop. I sell my drawings on things like iPhone cases, tote bags, aprons, trivets, mouse pads, and maternity clothes.

It is amazing what technology allows us to do these days! And since the holidays are coming right up, I thought I ought to tell my readers that it would be the most fantastic thing EVER if you all would buy something in my shop. Mainly because up until now, I have been my own best customer.

The photo above is of a nifty iPhone case. There are a few designs for phone cases available. Totally unique. You should have one. It comes in the a number of variations, and Samsung customers can get them also, but they probably need to hurry before their phones explode. There is a Halloween shirt for adults and kids. You can get clocks, even!

So here is the link to my little store.

Have fun shopping! Thank you all.

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