My writer friend Victoria Twead is a wonderful woman. She and her retired husband moved to a tiny village in Spain. She then wrote the lovely memoir “Chickens, Mules, and Two Old Fools.”Victoria contacted to ask me the following questions. But before I answer, I have to tell you that I loved her book, and I am such a big fan, that Vicky named a CHICKEN after me. So somewhere in Spain, the rain falls not only on the plain, but on Molly the Chicken. So here are Vicky’s questions and my answers:

What is the title of your book? So glad you asked! It is Characters in Search of a Novel.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

Well, I was a bored woman on twitter one day about three years ago. I have always loved funny names, and so I got the idea for a new twitter identity. I spent, of course, about three hours trying to figure out how to get a new twitter account. After that, I was exhausted. However, I began @insearchofnovel with one funny name and a 140 spaced description. I can’t remember my first one, but it was probably like this: Today’s character in search of a novel: She eats her shredded wheat dry: Mildred Dunstaver. Vicky, I did this for an entire year, one character a day.

Then what happened?

Well, my tweets began to be noticed, and one day, I was tweeted by the wonderful and brilliant writer Robin Black (@Robin_Black on twitter) who told me that she loved my characters and thought they should go into a book. Robin said “Hire an illustrator, write these as stories, and I think the book will sell.” Not one to ignore advice from famous people, I did just that. I started with a website, pubishing one story a month, and finally after two years, I took the site down and turned it into a book.

What will your next project be?

Right now, we are focused on book promotion! But as soon as this one is launched, I will start on my next collection of short stories.

What genre does your book fall under?

Funny you should ask this. I would call it fiction: short stories. But Amazon has classified it in Nonfiction>Arts and Entertainment>new releases>Pop Culture, where it is currently rated number five in Top Rated New Pop Culture books. I am a little flummoxed by this, but not complaining!

How long did it take you to write the book?

Two years, give or take a few weeks.

Is your book traditionally or self-published?

I did a lot of research before deciding that in view of the way things are going for traditional publishing, it made more sense for me to get the book out myself, with my own editor and book designer and artist. By the way, Randy Palmer did the illustrations for the book. He is a Dayton artist who works for The Dayton Daily News, among other papers. He is brilliant. I wrote the stories, emailed them to him, and the rest was true magic!

Molly, where is your book on sale?

If you live in Dayton, you can get it at Park Avenue Needlepoint in Oakwood, where my dear friend Karen Kugel is selling it. It is available on Amazon. Click on the cover of my book on the right.

Molly, many thanks, and keep writing!

Vicky, thank you for talking to me, and please take care of Molly the chicken. I hear it gets cold in Spain in the winter!

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