Molly writes from her pantry, often in pajamas. She exercises regularly, despite the fact that she has sustained numerous injuries involving barbells and exercise balls. She successfully raised two gorgeous daughters, who both pay their own bills. Molly can also be found at: http://momswhoneedwine.com. Molly has few interests other than reading books and writing, although she and her husband did attempt clog dancing with disastrous results. A huge fan of HGTV, Molly has been known to watch marathon sessions of “Househunters” while leafing through magazines and snacking. Molly’s husband has an accordion band. The neighbors have started a collection to fund soundproofing for the Campbell’s basement.

Molly lives in Dayton, Ohio with her husband and pets. She is the author of three books. Characters in Search of a Novel is an illustrated book of flash fiction. Keep the Ends Loose is a coming-of age novel full of quirky characters and family drama. Crossing the Street is a women’s fiction novel about family-both the kind you are born with and the kind that finds you.

Molly is working on her third novel.