Women are tired. Tired of being ignored. Tired of having our stories called “lies.” The old white men who currently run this country are relying on methods that have worked for them for generations. They are shortsighted. The days of old white men calling the shots are over. The amount of anger boiling under the surface in this country is about to erupt, and the time of men keeping their thumbs on the fate of women in America is over.

The November elections will be telling, and the days of having a corrupt President and Congress who line up behind him are ending.

I know that as a writer, I may lose readers for expressing my rage at the direction that this country is moving; at the attempts to excuse crimes against us by saying that we “should have told someone the minute it happened,” despite the fact that time after time, women who do report are called “sluts,” shamed for what they were wearing at the time, or simply told that they must not “remember” what really happened.

I am a woman first, a mother and grandmother second, a citizen third, and finally a writer. It is my responsibility to join my voice with those voices that protest the way that the hearings for the next Justice to the Supreme Court have been held. I protest the way the Republicans fall into line behind a corrupt and predatory POTUS in order to further their agenda to take the rights of women away. I am truly frightened at the power that this POTUS is wielding over our country, at his corruption, his predatory behavior, his association with Russia, and the long list of crimes, emolument violations, and other seedy dealings he engages in. We are at risk of losing the comfort, the freedom, and the security that we have come to take for granted as Americans.

Please vote in the November elections. Please put up your hand and demand that the downward spiral that churns in our nation come to a halt. Remember your mothers, your daughters, your sisters. Don’t forget that the majority of women who have been sexually assaulted never report their assaults. An assault that is not reported HAPPENED. Blaming victims for not reporting immediately is refusing to understand the reality that despite reporting their assaults, women like Dr. Christine Ford are attacked, called “confused,” deemed to be liars, blamed for what they drank, and what they wore. They are told to shrug it off: boys will be boys. Just horseplay.

In the coming days and weeks, women will be coming together as never before to tell their stories, to stand up for their rights, and to put an end to the shrill and ugly voices of men such as Chuck Grassley, Lindsay Graham, Donald Trump, and Brett Kavanaugh.

I will stand with them. For me, for my daughters, and for my granddaughter.


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