In the news: A man won the world’s record for alphabetizing the letters in his son’s bowl of  soup in 2 minutes and 8.2 seconds. Truth. It was on NPR. The son pictured above is not the man’s son: it is my adorable grandson. He is now nine, but this picture is worth the entire alphabet.

The purpose of this exercise, according to the man, was to show his son that anything is possible.

I can think of many more useful ways to demonstrate meeting challenges that I feel would be more inspiring than this. Teachable moments, such as

  • Demonstrating how to empty the dishwasher in record time
  • How to use a Swiffer to clear out the stuff under your bed REAL FAST
  • How many times can you hug your mom in a day contest
  • Race to see how fast you can get in the car and fasten your seat belt
  • Can you go to church and come back home looking exactly the same as when you left challenge
  • Demonstration for your child that the apple in the lunchbox is actually edible
  • Stage a skit in which you use an actual Kleenex to wipe your nose, rather than your index finger or sleeve
  • Twenty questions game in which a napkin is the answer

There are so many more. NPR can contact me directly…

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