You may have noticed that I have featured some wonderful conversations with famous writers on my blog lately. This is because I have been fortunate enough to meet some of them via social media, and fortunate enough to have them consent to talk to me. These are brilliant and highly creative people. They write bestsellers. A famous movie has been made of one of their books.

It made me realize that, one: nobody is likely to make a movie of this blog, and two: that Lipton fellow who interviews famous people using index cards is not likely to give me a call. But, wait! Who better to interview me than me? Artists do self-portraits, right?  Pretty clever, no? So here it is.

Hi, Molly. Thanks for talking with me today. Of course, we talk a lot. I digress. Tell us what you are working on right now. 

Well, my big goal right now is to get dressed.

Sounds interesting. What has led you to this particular project? 

Actually, it was my husband. When he left the house this morning, he ‘wondered’ if when he got back this afternoon, I would have actual clothing on.

Let’s talk about writing. Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

No. As a matter of fact, I am very surprised that I have written a book. I always wanted to be a zookeeper.

How did you begin your writing career? 

It is very easy to be a writer. It is about the only occupation that I can think of that one can do wearing pajamas. If you have a laptop and a pair of pajamas, there you go.

How do you come up with the subject matter for your blog posts? I understand you have been blogging once a week for around seven years. Do you get writer’s block? 

Not yet. I came up with this interview idea just a few minutes ago.

Do you have a “muse?” 

Yes. I have two. One is my husband, who does so many ridiculous things that I have to keep a list (See writer’s block, above). He brags to friends that without him, I would have nothing to say. Oh, yes, and the Buddha.

How do you know when you have written a ‘good’ piece?

When I am laughing so hard, that I can barely type (see ‘the Buddha,’ above).

Tell us about your typical day. 

Well, since I spend about 16 hours a day in bed, my typical day begins around noon, after I have had my breakfast and coffee under the covers with my cats and a Kindle. Then I busy myself around the house dusting things with my sleeve. Then I dress so that I can fill my birdfeeders and go to the grocery, where I limit my shopping to premade foods from the deli.

I see. When do you write? 

I write mostly at night. I have trouble sleeping. My husband says that there is such a thing as ‘bed overkill.’ I will have to Google this. Anyway, I often get up at around one in the morning and go to my desk to write.  It’s peaceful.

Do you have any advice for young writers? 

Yes. Have a day job.

Thank you, Molly, for talking with us today. 

Aren’t you going to ask me what my favorite word is? And the word that I hate the most? Or if I could be a tree, what kind I would be? My favorite color? Or more about the zookeeper thing?

Thank you, Molly.

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