My God. There is so much to worry about. To whine about. To lose sleep about. I do all those things. I wager that nearly 75% or more of us are on some sort of medication for all of this. There is no such thing as a slow news day any more. What to do?

I made a list of things to think about when I get down.

  • I have a house.
  • It is a nice house.
  • We have heat and AC.
  • Often, I have to decide between “dish A” and “dish B” for dinner.
  • There is a blouse in my closet that I bought last year and have never worn.
  • Every night, I listen to a cat purr as I go to sleep.
  • I have enough money to donate to hurricane relief.
  • I don’t live in the path of any hurricanes.
  • Coffee.
  • My husband.
  • My two daughters.
  • Two grandchildren, and this is not Fake News, that are more wonderful than any other children on earth.
  • Running water.
  • Books.
  • Masterpiece Theatre.
  • Chapstick.
  • Ice cubes any time I want them.
  • For that matter, electricity.

I could go on and on, but the list would get boring and sanctimonious, if it isn’t already. I should add one more thing: the fact that I can stand up and walk around without assistance.

Make your list.

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