That song is so completely the 50s. Sappy. I feel it should be updated. But not in rhyme, because I am not that gifted. But here are a few of MY favorite things.

  • Ok, I will grant you the kitten whiskers.
  • iPhones with tons of apps, because now waiting rooms and long car rides are so much more pleasant. I heart word games and checking my email every ten seconds. And posting random shots of stuff on Facebook. That woman who said social media is an addiction was totally correct. Just think—I can make a smartass remark on Twitter, and people worldwide will see it! And some bloke in Australia might even respond! And all the cat pictures! What’s not to like?
  • It used to be chocolate cake, until I had to give up all sweets. Now it’s fruit. My God—how did I ever live without daily doses of grapes and watermelon? And now they are seedless!
  • Binge watching. It’s the best! When I was growing up, we had to wait an entire WEEK for another episode of Dick Van Dyke! What did we do with all of that spare time?
  • Casual attire. Good grief, I haven’t owned a dress in twenty years. Yoga pants are on the verge of being accepted at even the finest eating establishments. Fantastic. But see “spandex” above. Must wear Spanx at the Five Stars.
  • My Kindle. Never again will I run out of reading material at two in the morning and be forced to hum to myself to pass the time. Oh, and
  • The kitten whiskers. Bears repeating.
  • I wish I could say the Crock Pot. But I can’t, because everything I make in mine tastes boiled.
  • Louis C.K. This almost goes without saying.
  • Google. There are no longer any questions that remain unanswered.
  • I do love the kitten whiskers.

There are more, but lists can get tiring. However, I may now be forced to compile a list of some of the things I hate. Later.

Kitten whiskers…

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