I just happened across an article written by an expert. I love these. They give us ways to enrich our lives in “ten easy steps.” This one was about how to deepen the connection with your partner. I have been with the same partner for 43 years, and I am not sure how much deeper I want to go, but I thought “Hell, why not? Let’s just see if these experts know what they are talking about.”

This particular article provided ten questions you can ask your partner every day (well, that will get old) in order to plumb the depths and connect on some sort of cosmic level. Yeah. So here it went:

How was your day today?  “Well, it was kind of cold in the basement. You know that one of the cats is peeing in the corner by the water heater?

What do you need from me right now? “Huh?”

What are you looking forward to today, this week, and this month?  “Huh?”

Am I being a good spouse to you?  “Huh?”

If you could be a character in any book, which character would you be, and why? “Huh?”

Describe your perfect day.  “That’s easy. Coffee, golf, accordion practice, and that stuff you make with sauerkraut and sausage.”

What is your greatest fear? “That you will keep asking me these questions. I have to poop.”

I feel so completely in tune with my husband. And it only took eight questions! We are way ahead of the curve on this! Our marriage is so full of meaning and depth. We are one. And I realize just how in tune we actually are. Because now I have to poop.

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  1. Suebob says:

    You are the best, Molly.

    My dad was a man of few words. When he got to his 90s, I thought I had better start asking him deep and meaningful questions, because he wasn’t going to be around forever.
    “Dad, do you have any regrets about your life as a father?” I asked, gazing deeply into his eyes.
    “What the hell are you talking about? You’re a knucklehead,” he said.
    I’m so glad we had that meaningful talk before he passed away.

  2. What a relief! I feared I was the only one whose significant other is not interested in discussing “La Traviata” over pears, brie, and brandy at Le Cirque. When God gives you polka music, make more polka music.
    It doesn’t get better than 43 years of knowing someone so well you can translate “huh” into words of love and go make sauerkraut with aplomb.
    Good one, Molly. And God bless the accordian man.

  3. my sides hurt from laughing

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness. Those questions make my head hurt. I don’t even want to answer them myself, let alone wait around for my husband to drum up a reply to any of them.

  5. Julie Stock says:

    This definitely made me laugh out loud. We’ve been married for 25 years this year and I am sure that I would get the same reaction if I tried this! Very funny. Thank you for cheering me up on this miserable Tuesday :)

  6. Eileen says:

    You’re doing better than me, Molly -I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to ask the LOML anything other than question number one with a straight face. Then he would have asked why I hadn’t poured him any of the wine I’d so obviously been drinking.
    Great post!

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