It has been such a long time, I know. I have an excuse. We have not had internet at our new apartment since we moved in. I could not blog. This was not a tragedy for any of you, probably. But wait, there’s more!  It was very hard on me, because I haven’t been able to watch TV for nearly a month.

This means I have missed all the good shows that everyone is talking about, like The Crown, PBS Newshour with Judy Woodruff (Judy is the person I wish lived next door), House Hunters International (I probably missed at least six Paris apartments), and on and on.

The evenings. I am busy all day, with the usual errands, housekeeping, microwaving, etc. But the evenings! I have read so many books, I can no longer stand the sight of my Kindle. All my Christmas shopping had to be done in a WiFi cafe, for pity’s sakes. Therefore, I have over-caffeinated for a month, and my nerves are jangling.

The guy set the whole shebang up yesterday. So last night, I binged on the Ellen Holiday Giveaway show, which I normally would not watch, but the Geek Squad haven’t come over yet to tell us how to get all the streaming things like Acorn TV, Netflix, and HBO. So I was stuck with network television last night. It was fine. Boy, Ellen has aged!

Anyway, I am back, and now that all the pictures are hung and the boxes unpacked, I will be blogging away again. I hope you missed me–all ten of you who subscribe to this blog.

Gotta go. Flip or Flop is on.

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